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Penang Events and Festival Calendar 2013

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Penang has lots of splendors to supply, from its pristine seasides, succulent hawker meals to the rich ancestry architectural structures and cultures of the multi-ethnic races. Visitors are typically astonished by the exciting activities, whimsical techniques, social occasions and religious festivals that are commemorated throughout the year. Penang is a small isle,

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George Town, Penang have been rated as Top 4 in the 8 Great Places to Retire Abroad

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George Town was lately elected as the 4th ideal place to retire by Kiplinger, an author of business forecast and individual money suggestions based in Washington D.C. Featured in Yahoo! Finance, George Town is listed after Medellin in Columbia, Dubrovnik in Croatia, and Salinas in Ecuador and the rank is based mainly on cost of living and various other aspects such as

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Penang World Music Festival 2013

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Penang World Music Festival goes back to the spotlight, appealing 2 evenings of world songs elegance, heart-thumping and active drum beats. With this year's lineup consisting of Mu, Kimi Djabate, Nasout, Alp Bora Quartet, Saharadja, Inka Marka, Kalayo, Dagaya, Dende and Band along with homegrown abilities Akasha and Rimba, the phase is established to delight devoted

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Penang Dragon Boat Race Festival

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About 100 years back, sizable clans of sea-faring migrants from China worked out along the foreshores of Penang isle, developing boat dock houses on the edges of George Town. Many of these simple coastal plank settlements, like the aged Bang Liaw jetty in Weld Quay, still exist till today, housing scores of fisher-folk families exactly as they did many decades

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Penang Heritage City

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Penang Heritage City - a suitable title bestowed to this decent island. It is now part of UNESCO's World Heritage Cities Program. I know that many of us associate Penang with the coastlines, the famous Penang Bridge and its glorious food. The resources city, George Town, has the most number of pre-war structures in all of South East Asia which are still in one piece.

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Eastin Hotel Penang

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Eastin Hotel Penang in Penang, Malaysia Establishing the Pace for Company Hotels in Malaysia's Economic Powerhouse Eastin Hotel Penang in Penang, Malaysia shows that not all accommodations are developed equivalent. While various other business resorts provide you merely the normal providings, we make sure we bring our service a level greater. That's why at our

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Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera

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Fantastic as it may appear. A cooling down atmosphere in the scorching and humid weather of Penang. Penang Hill or affectingly understood by residents as "Bukit Bendara", is among the only neat spots to go to in Penang. A hill with altitude of concerning 833 m (2723 ft) has actually shown that it is one of the main destinations not just to the foreigner but also local

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Penang Street Food Paradise (Hawker Food)

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Penang is called "Hawker's Paradise" for numerous factors. The hawker are strongly supported by Penangites, that usually locate it much easier and more affordable to dine in a restaurant, any kind of time of the day or night. The ubiquitous ness of hawkers along exchanges of Penang has actually been a pleasure for food enthusiasts and a large frustration for the municipal

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Penang Malaysia

Penang today births the mark of a very early history of successive foreign influences – from the very early Indian World that took origin in north Malaya to that of the Portuguese, Dutch and later the British who involved this part of the globe in search of spices and kept to engage in the rewarding field.