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Penang is a great destination for any vacationist, young and old as well. Along with the ratings of Penang Traveler Holiday attractions that highlight the lifestyle, the beauty& the elegance on this wonderful island – It is a getaway really worth going to and remembering.

Generally there are a lot to find out about the sites of fascination in Penang that has made into a one of a kind & exclusive characteristic.

Bukit Bendera

“Penang Hill” or Bukit Bendera is officially known, is located 821 meters above sea level, providing welcome relief from the heat below. One of the most famous attractions in Penang, the Penang Hill trip should not be missed when visiting this island; panoramic views across the fascinating island await you in on, as far as the eye can see on a clear day, you can see how far the Province. Above, there are restaurants, Hindu temples, churches, mosques, and a snake show, where you can be photographed with a non venomous snake for a total payment.

Opening Hours: Every day
Address: Air Itam, George Town (about 3 kilometers from the Kek Lok Si).
How to get there: From the jetty, Komtar, and Chulia Street, please take a Bus Rapid Penang No. U204, this bus will take you directly to the hill. You can also take a taxi with a fare of RM20 one way.

Penang Bridge

This bridge is the heart of Penang. This is what the doors of the beauty of Penang will start from here. Bridge that once ranked among the longest in the world – 13. 5km, is offering an exciting location. To find out if these privileges, please sign photo of the bridge during the evening or early morning.

Penang Butterfly Farm

Know that the park is recognized as the Butterfly Sanctuary and tropical insects first in the world. It said world-class goods. This park contains thousands of butterflies with 50 different species. This place also houses the scorpions, frogs and various insects. Once classified as a butterfly, of course, butterfly hatchery, laboratory, exhibit space and gift shop set up. Admission fee is charged is RM5 for adults and RM2 for children. For those amused by the butterfly, face your Fear. The butterflies were very friendly and reconcile the heart when it stops you on the palms.

Kek Lok Si Temple

This temple is the most beautiful Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. The location of this temple is in placed name Ayer Hitam. This temple is also known as the Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas. It takes 20 years to construct and complete this temple. In this temple, there are beautiful gardens, pond turtles, sculpture unique and tombs. It is free to visit this temple.

How do we get there? Depending on where you come, you can take the Rapid Penang bus No.U201, U203, U204, U206, T306, and U502. Taxi from George Town is about RM20. If driving, please refer to the signs to the Air Itam. After arriving at Air Itam, you can see the signs that indicate the direction to the temple.

Fort Cornwallis

The fort was built at the landing of Francis Light in 1786. So this is a historical legacy that is still intact. Today, it serves as a theater, galleries and shops of historic sale of handicrafts. It also houses the historic cannon belonging to the Netherlands, who presented to the Sultan of Johor, which had previously been stolen by the colonial Portuguese. This area can be visited from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm. Entrance fee is RM1 for all ages. To identify a country, lawatla historic places DUREN disitula all the information and the fact that country of birth is unknown.

How to get there: You can go there by taking the Rapid Penang Bus No. 103, 204, 502, or, 10.

Penang Botanic Gardens

The Haven for “Nature Enthusiasts” at Penang Botanic Gardens

Looking for a harmony area of wonder and tranquility? Or maybe, you are a “nature boy” that just enjoys stunning flora and fauna.You can uncover this in Penang very own, The Penang Botanic Gardens.

Situated in Jalan Kebun Bunga, Penang Botanic Gardens with its memorable creative scenery garden present a unique feel for personal as for the entire friends and family. Becoming the only one of its kind in Malaysia, it has develops into Penang unique asset and acts as a “People’s Popular Park” for the metro Penang.

The appearance of lush trees and shrubbery several with clean fresh air – Offers calm and soothing ambiance for every single guest. It is a great spot to love the gift of mother’s nature as well as to discover about the numerous organic specimens. The ideal time to stop by will be in the early morning as it will be cooler. You will likely be amaze to notice plenty of of people who are already there in the wee time of the morning conducting their usual activities.

Automobiles aren’t permitted inside gardens (also bicycle) besides for permitted vehicle. So, shade your leg muscles and get ready to move, run, jump or whichever it is.

Islamic Museum Penang

Syed Al-Attas is the man who built this museum in 1860. He was a merchant pepper from Aceh. Building design features influence the architecture of India, Europe and Arab. This museum displays the history and development of Islam in Penang and other states in Malaysia since the beginning of the arrival of Islam until now. This museum used to be a central storage of weapons against the Japanese occupation of Malaya once. The museum is open every day except Tuesday, from 9.30 am until 6.00 pm. Do not ask why closed Tuesday. Entrance fees are RM3 for adults and RM 1 for children.

How to get there: Penang Islamic Museum can be reached by taking the Rapid Penang Bus No. 10, 301, 302, 307, 401, and U502, get off at Highway Carnavon. Road to the junction of Route Carnavon Street latter. In the distance, to the left, is Armenian Street. Penang Islamic Museum is on the left side of the junction.

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